What’s What

Welcome to FarVille!

Welcome to FarVille!
Located between here and there, FarVille is closer than you think,
and that’s more true than false—believe it or not!
Home of our favorite meeting place, the Fox’s Den, its bartender,
Red Tucker, hosts a variety of interesting characters who
congregate at his watering hole from happy hour until “Last Call.”


 The Fox' Den

The Fox’ Den
This pub has been the social focal point of FarVille for many years.
The first building erected in town, it acted as a refuge for travellers
during the cold winter months.  Many bizarre tales have been told at this establishment.



Our local news station keeps us informed about weather and events.
“The Morning Cock” is hosted by Rod Capon, news anchor and reporter extraordinaire,
under the watchful eye of his wife (and show director) Camilla.


Stupid Cupid

Stupid Cupid:
Keep your eyes open folks, because love is blind. Feeling lonely and looking
for that special someone?  You just might find the love of your life through Curly’s agency.
Good luck!


Larry's used cars

Larry’s used cars:
Need a car? Well, you’ve come to the right place.
Larry’s car lot is a junkyard of wannabeness.
The best deal you’ll get from Larry is a free roll of tape
to keep your hood ornament on and your transmission from falling apart.


Papa's Cannelloni

Papa’s Cannelloni:
The best (and only) restaurant in town serves the finest Italian food of its kind.
Just across from the “Fox’s Den,” it makes a great place to eat with family and friends after a Pub social.
Come to Papa’s Cannelloni!